Forex Signals

Our group has been providing reliable Forex signals since 2006. Indeed, for the past 5 years an average monthly profit made thanks to our Forex signals is more than 800 pips in GBPUSD, GBPJPY and GBPCHF trading.



When do you publish daily signals?

Every business day from 7:45 to 8:00 CET

Should I start subscription from the month's begining?

You could start from any day of month.

When should I delete pending orders that did not trigged?

We recommend to delete them at 18:00 CET.

When should I delete opened trades?

We recommend to delete them just before entering new orders next day.

What is the CET?

It is Central European Time, you could view it here

What currency couples do you use in trading?


How many signals will I get every day?

Every day at 8:00 CET you will get 6 signals (3 Buy Stop and 3 Sell Stop orders)

How I will receive a signals?

You will receive signals by web interface at members area of this site and by e-mail.

What lot size should I use for the each deal?

For each 0.1 lot of open trade you should have at least $2000 on your trading deposit.

How many pips can I get with your signals?

Our average performance usually more than 800 pips by month (up to 1500).

What is your average StopLoss and TakeProfit?

Average StopLoss is about 50-60 point, TakeProfit from 60 to 150 points.

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1,716 pips average / month
June 2016 1,732
May 2016 1,499
April 2016 1,334
March 2016 1,884
February 2016 1,677
January 2016 1,720
December 2015 1,655
November 2015 1,103
October 2015 2,231
September 2015 2,024
August 2015 1,841
July 2015 1,899
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