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Our group has been providing reliable Forex Signal service since 2006. Indeed, for the past 6 years an average monthly profit made thanks to our Forex signals is more than 1000 pips in GBPUSD, GBPJPY and GBPCHF. We do have a great forex trading strategy. Try it out now!


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Also in 2016 Gainprice.com is proud to offer reliable forex trade signals for private investors. Since 2006 unlike other websites that track forex signals, we are not simply an automated system. Our forex alerts are generated through live human interaction with our expertly designed system. This means our forex trade signals are more than just numbers, they're real time strategies. Working with our system can help you make more profitable investments.

By focusing on GBPUSD, GBPJPY and GBPCHF currency pairs we average 800-1500 pips of monthly profit for those investors using our forex trade signals. Our forex predictions are published every business day at 8:00CET (GMT+1). Our forex strategy incorporates two levels of Take Profit value, and a fixed Stop Loss value. Every day you would place 12 pending orders. These pending orders are simply Buy Stop or Sell Stop. The signals make it easy to see the movement of each currency pair and to arm you with the trading knowledge necessary to make more profitable investments.

Using our helpful forex signals to recommend buy and sell points with price targets and stop-loss levels, you can begin making real money on the foreign exchange market. Our signals are designed to save you time and keep you informed about the ever changing market. You can begin investing with confidence knowing you have an accurate trade signal system in place that is monitored by experienced professional traders.

In addition to increasing your investment profitability, our forex trade signals can free up more of your time. Time that would otherwise be spent tracking or creating your own signal system can now be spent doing more of the things you love. Don't feel tied to your computer any longer. Our trade signals can automatically be sent to your mobile device (SMS) and email account. This is great news for day traders who work from home, because they can increase their income while spending less time watching the market.

Let Gainprice.com help you become a successful investor by providing you with professional tools. Don't just trust any online forex trade signals. Trust the company who consistently makes a difference in their subscriber's investments. Trust Gainprice.com for the most accurate forex signals.

1,716 pips average / month
June 2016 1,732
May 2016 1,499
April 2016 1,334
March 2016 1,884
February 2016 1,677
January 2016 1,720
December 2015 1,655
November 2015 1,103
October 2015 2,231
September 2015 2,024
August 2015 1,841
July 2015 1,899
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Real examples:

Example chart forex signal

Daily chart forex signals

Trade chart forex alert

Best Forex Signals Ever

30 day money back guarantee


Time of signals: 8:00 CET (GMT+1), daily

Number of signals: 6 signals every day

Type of signals: only Buy Stop or Sell Stop

Estimated profit: more than 800 pips monthly

Monthly price: only $110

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    In just three days I was able to gain 230 pips! I know that it won't always be this good, but I'm off to a good start. At this time I'm just taking the first target and sometimes locking in profits by moving my stop loss to capture most of the move.

    Greg Jones, Portland, USA
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    …I’ve made 20% within the first month of using your predictions and over 25% in the next one. I mostly trade on Forex and daily signals make it a lot easier to enter or exit the market without having to control things manually every ten minutes…

    Kevin Halliwell, Newbury, UK
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    Simply put – daily Forex signals is what I need. I don’t know, what technology powers them, nor do I care if they’re human generated or calculated with some smart algorithm. All I know is – it works in the best way. That’s all I need.

    Diego Cordoba Barba, Madrid, Spain
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    I’ve started using GainPrice’s signals three months ago and I’m already asking myself why I didn’t that before. Thinking of how many profitable deals I’ve probably lost before I’ve switched to Forex signals makes me sick…

    Xiaolong Shan, Hong-Kong
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    You guys are super! You asked for a testimonial and here it is: you are the best! Signals are working even better than you describe them. I really love them. Can’t imagine I haven’t used them before.

    Carsten Schulze, Germany
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    I never trusted all of those “super-duper” automatic trading systems, so I was looking for a system with a strong human component. And GainPrice is exactly such system. Signals it provides are surprisingly accurate… The best ever!

    Jeffrey Feldman, California, USA